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Welcome Comrad. This is the governments secret flight test simulation software. Feel free to take a spin at the controls and see how long you last flying the experimental prototype.

The original plan for this game was for it to be made in seven days. This did not happen. This prototype game was made instead in roughly two and one sixteenth days.

Your goal is to fly for as long as possible before you eventually crash and have to restart. Please enjoy.


W A S D:  Movement

Escape: Close game

This game was made as the first in a series of YouTube videos that I am calling seven days a devlog. Where in I make a game in seven days and both upload to itch and release a devlog video showing the making of at the same time. To see that video follow this link : https://youtu.be/szd8CoBZ6TU   or head over to my twitter @TheseusNABottle where I have undoubtedly linked it and posted some screenshots of the game.

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable named Test Pilot.exe


Test Pilot - Windows.zip 19 MB

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